Carolina Schutzer aka Cashu is one of the key figures of São Paulo’s queer underground electronic music scene, where her work constantly communicates urgent political issues. In an attempt to occupy and decentralize the São Paulo scene, Cashu and Carneosso created the Mamba Negra collective, an independent brand which provides a platform for diversified artists. Their street events that usually take place in abandoned and uninhabited locations, such as student and artist squats, push forward the fight for female representation and sexual and gender freedom. The collective was formed in 2013 as a platform for live and organic music and has since solidified into one of São Paulo’s main electronic music parties and expanded to become a Label, Agency and Radio station.

As an active character in São Paulo’s electronic scene, Cashu frequently performs at block parties, small venues and independent collectives. She has played in over 15 cities and participated in several collectives that work for occupying, decentralizing and hacking the Brazilian night scene. She also brings her energy to big clubs and festivals such as Dekmantel Festival in SP, Red Bull Music Academy Festival SP, , or abroad in Panorama Bar/Berghain, De School, Unsound Festival…

Cashu initiated in 2015 the Rádio Vírus project, Mamba Negra’s bi-weekly radio show which hosts live acts and DJ sets, supporting the local scene as it connects to local and foreign artists. Over 130 artists have been to the show.
In the meantime, she has developed musical partnerships with other artists, such as DJ and producer Benjamim Sallum and Amanda Mussi for the LORAC ISSUM project. She also started her productions during the Red Bull Music Pulse’s residency in São Paulo, in Chilean producer Valesuchi’s team.

Photo: Marcelo Mudou @otimokarater