Willikens & Ivkovic

A blue crater; a one-stone crater. The whole mountain can’t be divided into parts, not even through words. The blue crater and the mountain are the core. Many people would walk for days to see it and wonder. Still the blue crater has no god and no fate. There is no hell and no heaven inside the blue crater but a lava snake continuously biting its tail and regenerating. That is. The blue crater has no intrinsic story but everything could be turned into a symbol. Yet those symbols are void as are parts or the desirers’ desires.

A blue crater; a one stone crater in the middle of snow or desert. No life around, a round with no end. You would like to see it. Maybe you imagined it but are confused, symbols erupting don’t allow you to focus. You see, the mountain can’t be divided into parts. Not even through words.

Lena and Vladimir can’t be divided into parts, not even through words.

You might hear
uh aaha ua taa ru ga ta aah uh tan o

the murmur of a pyramid
a toucan choir on the road to Thebes

the tornado we met yesterday
an eel’s lament

– where is our membrane flame?
the rumble of rocks migrating towards uncharted cliffs

and then
a paper bell in a lunar valley
the compass forgot its direction, its name is Nookluh

Three lightnings, that’s the signal to enter

Four thunders, nothing is known
There is no path
No parts

A blue crater, a one-stone crater

Lena and Vladimir

If you go to the blue crater to see and witness, you will just see and witness

If you go to the blue crater to merge, you will turn into stone
an azurite-dumortierite quartz-lapis lazuli-sodalite-zircon
the dancefloor: full of snow and pepper like sand

A blue crater for Lena and Vladimir.

Vittoria de Franchis. Milano, 2019