Teto Preto

TETO PRETO is a collaboration between visual artist Laura Diaz, producers Savio and Zopelar, multi-instrumentist Bica, keybordist Pedro and french performance artist Loic Koutana. The group emerged from MambaRec – label offshoot of nomadic underground event Mamba Negra, founded by Carol Schutzer (aka DJ Cashu) along with Diaz in 2013, in a period where Sao Paulo began to be considered a kind of “Berlin” of the south, with a burgeoning and particular underground electronic scene.

After the success of the EP “Gasolina”(2016) the group started its trajectory in with key performances renowned festivals around Brazil such as Boiler Room, Rec Beat, Meca, Picnik, Subtropical and Bananada. Two years ago the group was awarded for Best National Direction of MVF 2017 with the videoclip “Gasolina”, and also parts of the track featured in the movie “Corpo Elétrico” (2017).

The band’s first LP, “Pedra Preta” (2018) – an amulet that transforms our generation’s grieving into fighting – has 8 original tracks and serves as a support for the band to develop an extensive narrative of its new phase and formation. With fierce arrangements and energetic songs, the group builds an environment, which is full of revolt, mystery and passion.

The title track, “Pedra Preta” is a song about the breaking up of love moorings. In 2018 it also became the remains of the tragedy of the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro. The song is imbued with a extravagant nightclub mood and has further developed into a provoking, yet precisely contemporary videoclip. The acidic screenplay from Laura Diaz comes to life with a cast composed by great women and fellow fighters. It’s a scream, a green and yellow abortion, a celebration ritual of what they live and believe.

In 2019 TETO PRETO took their performances abroad. The group was part of the Dark Mofo Festival, Tasmania, and was one of the few bands invited to represent Sao Paulo’s music scene at the Les Escales Festival in France. Their concert was one of the highlights of the festival and caught the attention of important french music publications such as Les Inrockuptibles and Tèlérama – the latter described TETO PRETO’s radical and feminist performances as “breathtaking”.

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Photo: Marcelo Mudou