Phillip Jondo

A resident of both Salon des Amateurs and NTS Radio in London, Phillip Jondo ranges among the most talked about and upcoming DJs from Germany. In recent years he became a regular at cutting-edge clubs and festivals including Robert Johnson, De School and Dekmantel Selectors. Jondo approaches DJing with a global perspective on club music’s unconventional niches and pathways. His selections run the gamut from percussion-heavy slow jams up to 140bpm booty bass – experimental but always with an ear tuned to the needs of the dance-floor. Together with Simon Weins, Phillip formed the group Garland, who released their debut LP Preludes #1 –a loose rhythmic offering chock-full of otherworldly magic– in 2018 via Lullabies for Insomniacs. The year after they released their 2nd sublime batch of plasmic analog/digital dubs on LFI titled „#2“.  

Phillip started the label „SPA“ in 2019 together with DJ Brom and Friday Dunard.