MARICAS was created in January 2018 by three queer womxns Eloisa Blitzer, Gina Guasch and ISAbella due to several discussions about the lack of a night-out in Barcelona that combined electronic music and the queer scene. If we look back on history, the techno rave community started with the help of the LGBTQ+ misfits of the 80s. Both communities have very similar values, freedom, youth and underground culture. MARICAS has evolved from a night, to a visual esthetic referent, a music label (MARICAS Records), a platform and most important a collective. MARICAS has had showcases in over ten cities around Europe, participated in Whole Festival, in Boiler Room twice and had a year long residency in Crack Magazine.

MARICAS Manifesto:
– MARICAS is a safe space for anyone that has ever been discriminated, harassed or violated just for being him/her/themselves.
– MARICAS more than a party is a movement that celebrates and embraces difference.
– MARICAS is a home for the outcast, marginalized and freaks of this world.
– MARICAS is a family that anyone is welcome to join.