Khidja is a production and Dj duo from Bucharest, Romania. Opposite personalities that modulate into one entity. As a group, they are preoccupied with the way in which technology (musical instruments and other mediums) materialise memory and simultaneously create new futures.

Part of the production stays true to their love for records made in the past, when music was created by people who had studied their instrument for a lifetime and part of it explores new areas, in quite the opposite corner : Soundscape composing or modern electronics, exploring the framework of experimental music practice. 

Their Dj sets will be nothing short of this. 

Their live performances will be them both working a lot of machines to recreate their tracks live. Part of the show is left to chance by using (self) generative music techniques. 

Khidja also writes musical scores for the moving-image, new media installations, art works and performance shows.