Elena Colombi



  • @ Club OST (Berlin, Germany)

Elena Colombi’s sets are geared toward the unexpected. From cosmic psychedelia and pounding jungle to obscure post-punk and spoken word, she swirls through a cerebral world of noise. A longstanding resident of NTS, an interest in theory and literature, aesthetics and film, inspires her avant-garde selections. Spiritually, she’s most at home in the club serving up a concoction of pulsating polyrhythms, industrial groove and flexed techno. Behind the decks, she’s a tenacious force. Wonderful, weird and wild, Colombi’s mixes are marked not only by seamless flow and relentless stamina but also by a tech-savvy approach to the equipment. In recent years, she’s branched out into production, utilising synthesisers to build intuitive sound works, presented in a performance context alongside art collective Tutto Questo Sentire.

Established in 2019, her record label Osàre! Editions’ namesake derives from the Italian word for “daring” or “bold”. The imprint seeks to present future-facing music, characterised by experimentation, transcending expectations of time or genre. Osàre! has further galvanised Colombi’s penchant for idiosyncratic and undiscovered artists. True to form, expect to find everything from 1990s darkwave gold to up-and-coming dance talents on the roster.

Having trained in perfumery, Colombi is adept at conjuring sensorial encounters, leapfrogging through the realms of art, fashion and music. A contributor to the FACT and Crack Magazine mix series, as well as broadcasts on shows and stations including Beats In Space, Intergalactic FM and Digital Tsunami, she’s a familiar face at international festivals such as Dekmantel, Nuits Sonores, ADE, Unsound, Atonal, Field Maneuvers, and many more.

Photo: Mai Nestor