3Ddancer (a trio composed of Alex the Fairy, Rachel Lyn & Volruptus) perform live as an improvised freeform act akin to an electronic free jazz band, who are equipped with an array of electronic instruments. The 3 artists bring their unique styles together to form a new vision of harder, faster, experimental dance music: rhythm heavy and drenched in emotive and visceral musical forms. Their unique individual projects already being strongly defined and established provide a powerful foundation which multiplies and combines the trio to form a truly powerful combination of flavours, an experience like no other. The project cuts its teeth closing the renowned Modular Gang/Oscillate parties, culminating in a debut live album (“great fucking success”) released in late 2019. From there they went on to play for 8 hours in Saule (Berghain) for CTM Festival followed by a quick dash to Mutabor in Moscow before lockdown. Resurfacing for recent closings at Mjut and Hard Trade/Funkhaus, 3Ddancer has proven to be a truly living, breathing entity in its own right that continues to grow and reinterpret itself.

Photo: Thi Thuy Nhi Tran