Born in the mountains of Colombia and now resident in the streets of Barcelona, SANO is a DJ and music producer that grew up in the early underground music scene of Medellín and took part in the Cómeme action all over the world in 2011. His inspiration comes from street sounds in a deep relation with rawness and mysticism which combined define his own sound.

His music is part of the Cómeme catalog edited in various label compilations and solo releases. 2016 came with new and fresh sounds in two consecutive EP’s. ‘Los Muchachos’ released in his home label Cómeme and ‘Hasta Abajo’ released in the Munich based imprint Public Possession. Previous discography includes three records: RIONEGRO (2015), a collaborative project with Gladkazuka and Matías Aguayo that ended up in a double 12” that explores the future sound of jacking salsa and other unheard rhythms; his debut LP self titled SANO (2013) that compiles a selection of different improvised recordings made in Colombia; the latin house classic Chupa! (2012) that put SANO on the map and various singles and remixes on projects like ‘I’m a Cliché’, ‘Huntleys & Palmers’, ‘Berlin Community Radio’, among others.



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