Zimpel / Shackleton

Booking: ron@futura-artists.com

Two storied musicians and collaborators from disparate disciplines come together to create a new, fluid musical vernacular.

Shackleton’s work over the course of his deep catalogue has come to transcend its roots in electronic bass culture; fusing minimalism with esoteric production, shades of light and dark and a desire to keep moving ever forward, his is music that creates vivid imagery for the mind’s eye.

Similarly, with his nods to minimalism, jazz, electronic and global influences, Wacław Zimpel is recognised as one of the most original and unique talents to have emerged not just from his native Poland, but also Europe, since the turn of the century.

Together, with an emphasis on rich, long-form, slowly evolving composition, this new project once again proves each to be an adept and durable musical partner: their impressive shared canon of collaborations includes Shackleton’s work with Italian singer-actor Ernesto Tomasini, enigmatic vocalist Anika and spoken word artist Vengeance Tenfold, as well as Zimpel’s cross-breed of jazz, electronics and traditional Indian music with Saagara and work with multi-instrumentalist Kuba Ziołek.