Philipp Gorbachev

Straight out of Moscow and with a colorful background as a future diplomat – he studied in the Russian capital to become one -, Philipp eventually found his calling was to bring understanding and ingenuity to dance music. With a move to Berlin, which would unknowingly become the first piece of the creative domino, PG’s encounter with Matias Aguayo set the wheels in motion for a series of releases on Cómeme, studio collaborations with Barnt & DJs Pareja & an overall embracing of the collective spirit.

The sonic diplomacy he looked for existed after all, so what followed was a run of shows in Europe, Asia and South America, which further cemented PG’s mission: to bring ravers together in a ball of positive energy. Or, as he’d later call it: #DAYTIMERAVING as an attitude; not a time of day. Utilizing a wide range of instruments, words, voice and rhythm, the PG approach to a show is much like at the studio: honest, frantic and energetic to the max.

Now, with a successful LP (Silver Album, 2014) under his belt, a live band project and his own singles label (PG TUNE), PG will be upping the temperature further with his original brand of A-TECHNO – A standing for Alternative, Action, Avant-garde and Anything you want it to be – via a series of releases in 2016, including a much anticipated brand new LP that is set to turn heads.

With Russia firmly on the current dance music map, 2016 is set to become an exciting year for PG and his custom made dance floor spiritual revolution.