JMII’s solo career began with a 12″ on Los Angeles label 100% Silk, but we’d heard from him previously under the Aster moniker, his former project with Pedro Vian.  Aster’s personal take on House, Techno and Ambient, found home on Jamal Moss’ Mathematics Recordings and Barcelona’s finest Hivern Discs, and worked as a great test bench for the future projects of its members.

JMII’s solo output also got revamped on 2015 with Templo/ Noche a 12” on the enigmatic Barcelona-based label NVH Records and a couple of club-sized remixes for Olde Gods and Studio 3 that showcased a more powerful and focused sound. These productions along unreleased material to see the light shortly on Hivern Discs are the core of his hardware-heavy live show.

After a couple of years in Berlin improving his studio skills and working as a resident DJ and promoter at Geradehaus (the collective behind epic nights with guest artists such Ata or John Talabot), Jami Bassols’ got back into action with Olde Gods, a collaboration with producer-singer-songwriter Guillamino gathering influences from Chicago House, classic Soul and contemporary Pop music.