Interchain is a Moscow-based duo consisting of Andrew Lee and Jenya Gorbunov, which started their path writing techno music and proceeded to expand their genre moving towards irrational punk and deep abstract structures.
Interchain’s live acts resemble rock concerts more than restrained electronic sets. Their frenetic beat is a solid carcass, on which noises, primitive melodies, rhythmical phrases in Russian, dissonant guitars and synthesizer parts rage hard. At the same time, Interchain hold an ecstatic tension and dance groove even when their music spirals into total chaos.

There is another side – more lyrical and profound, which appeared on their album Plenum released in February 2018 on HVNX, Hivern Discs sub-label. The album is inspired by the duo’s memories of childhood in the USSR during Perestroika. It consists of abstract textures and ductile delicate themes, immersed in TV noises and the atmosphere of deep sleep..
Thus, Interchain exist in two forms at once, and from time to time they play two completely different live programs, both filled with unexpected solutions and improvisation. Occasionally the duo gets accompanied by a drummer and Interchain’s music becomes even more flexible and unexpected as it becomes more dubby and psychodelic.