Daniel Maloso

Daniel Maloso is one of the representatives of the rising underground scene of electronic music in Mexico. Entering Cómeme’s rooster back in 2009 with a split release alongside Rebolledo, he is well-known for his capturing sets in which he tells his story, a never-ending tale made of early 80’s disco-punk, proto-house, bringing his listeners straight into the arm’s of singing mermaids.

His ‘In And Out’ LP is described as “an ode to the seductive powers of the night-time world, a homage to ceremonial cave musica made for the carnal momentum.” Also know for collaborating many time label’s mates as Matias Aguayo, Philipp Gorbachev and Rebolledo. He has been touring around the world from Cologne in the early Comeme raves, to New York with Dave Harrington and Barcelona for the 2 Many Dj’s parties.