Cosmo Vitelli

Cosmo Vitelli has not slept since 1973. An erratic sleep pattern he has replaced with the tireless explora- tion of dance music’s forgotten gems, and sharing his finds as a producer, DJ, musician and label head. After spending his childhood between Ivory Coast and Central France, Cosmo Vitelli settles in Paris at the age of 19. More an indie kid than a clubber, he plays guitar in various rock outfits until he finds out he’s having more fun fiddling with a 4-track recorder and a sampler.
His first EP comes out in 1998 on Etienne de Crécy’s Solid. The following years, he signs a couple of EPs – some of them becoming anthems of this golden age of electronic music made in France, Party Day and Robot Soul – and produces heaps of remixes for the likes of Daft Punk, Cassius, Benjamin Diamond, Radio Slave or Simian Mobile Disco.He releases his first album in 2003, Clean on Virgin/Astralwerks.

A stint in the ruthless world of majors coupled with a gut feeling of not being part of any clan drives Cosmo Vitelli to forge his own structure. I’m a Cliché begins in 2004, carried by an urge to stay independent, and an acute aversion for compromise and monotony. In over a decade, I’m a Cliché has carved itself a place in the family photo of French labels that did not exist yet: the weird kid that always does as he pleases, living in his own weird world, but brilliant and prolific enough to earn the respect of his siblings. I’m a Cliché carves his own path avoiding carefully to plead allegiance to any particular style, having a blast whether it is paying tribute to the great outcasts of dance music or bringing into light the freshest talents such as Simian Mobile Disco, Azari & III, Yuksek or more recently Moscoman or the Red Axes.

Cosmo Vitelli has always favoured spending his sleepless nights behind decks, and has become a fixture of the Parisian clubbing scene with the monthly I’m a Cliché residences, currently at la Java. Since 10 years he invites producers and DJs that share his attachment of making revellers dance on tunes they’ve never heard before.

When he deserts the streets of Belleville, he can be found animating alongside DJ Sundae No Weapon is Ab- solute, a monthly show on Rinse FM, or travelling around the world for solo gigs, satisfying his globe-digger appetites on the way.

With Bot’ox, the band he formed with Julien Briffaz of Tekel, Cosmo Vitelli rekindled his love for guitar and pop music. After a handful of EPs released on DFA and DC Recordings, their first album Babylon by Car came out in 2010 on I’m a Cliché.Three years later, the aptly named Sans Dormir album got out, and the two partners brought along two other musicians and toured numerous festivals, scoring even a date at l’Olympia in Paris.

Always the one to run away from any kind of routine, Cosmo Vitelli moved to Berlin and got back in the studio all by himself. Last Train to Marzhan, a tribute to the industrial borough of the German capital where he has installed his studio, was released in 2016, five years after his last solo effort. A new EP is planned for November: this train is not going to stop anytime soon.



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