Label Night

Founded in 2009 by the Chilean-born Matias Aguayo, Cómeme is a label, a radio and a modus vivendi. Ranging from tropical flavoured house from South America to dark new wave and hypnotic techno from Cologne, the imprint is well-known for having a very personal cut, mirrored in the colourful and dynamic artworks and in the special relation that bounds everyone involved in it. Known for the grassroots and wild dance floor oriented parties, the label has also its very personal radio since 2012, Radio Cómeme, which features special resident shows by all the artists involved.

Cómeme is a body of worldwide ritmo lunatic heralds, self-styled electronic primitives that join in for a nightlife fiction to become reality. This collective fantasy is utterly devoted to the dark side of the mirror ball.

Expect the unexpected and don’t expect a traditional label.

Cómeme Artists: Matias Aguayo, Katerina, Borusiade, Sano, Vaskular, Christian S, Ana Helder, Sano, Lena Willikens, DJs Pareja, Dany F, Philipp Gorbachev, Carisma and special guests.