Christian S

The man with the master plan.

Christian S has a unique way of mixing all manner of dance music (from the past, present, and future) and making a lasting impression on music lovers, shakers and movers around the globe. Christian has been honing this craft since his arrival in Cologne, a city with a vibrant club landscape in the mid-90s, and multi-storied house and techno heritage that has stuck with him (and the city) for good.

DJ travels have taken him all over Europe to known venues such as Panoramabar/Berlin or the De School/Amsterdam, as well as a growing list of cities further afield such as Mexico City, Los Angeles, Moscow, Buenos Aires or Tel Aviv. But Christian S never loses his love for odd little places: strange music, and weird off-the-beaten-DJ-path nights; as reflected by his own rare, underground parties in Cologne and his appearances for over 10 years at Düsseldorf’s infamous »Salon Des Amateurs«.

In addition Christian S’ productions have been injecting some intriguing rhythms into the dance world with remixes of Little Dragon, JMII and Colder, as well as original classic singles on Cómeme including: »Jagos« and »The Power of Now», and his EPs: »Pitch Rider» and »Six Million Bassdrums Later». Just recently he embarked with an EP on the Munich based label Permanent Vacation, that thrills with straight forward, yet gentle club vibes mesmerizing between house and techno.

The S-man loves to share music so you can listen again and again on Radio Cómeme to the episodes of »Dance Show«, »I love you», or »Capatazz» (co-hosted w/ Korkut Elbay), or find his special mixes on Beats In Space, Dekmantel, Boilerroom, Ransom Note and no doubt, many more to come.




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